What type of amino acid helps build muscle?

What type of amino acid helps build muscle?

Walking through the aisles of a health food stood, you’ll see a variety foods with “contains amino acids” announced on the packaging. Which leads to the questions, what are amino acids and what benefits do they provide? Amino acids are compounds found in the human body that provide the building blocks for a number of different tissues. The amino acids that aid in muscle growth are called essential amino acids.

The nine essential amino acids are those that the body does not make and can only be obtained through food. This group includes the type of amino acid that helps build muscle. When you place stress on muscles, such as during weight lifting, the muscle fibers break down. Your body utilizes amino acids, like lysine, to repair and grow this tissue.

Making more of your workout

Amino acids are what make up the proteins in food. When you consume protein, your digestive system breaks it down into its individual components, including amino acids. Your body then creates new proteins out of them which are then used to build new tissues. Getting enough of these proteins is essential for muscle growth.

The role of the essential amino acids is something you need to understand in order to get the best results from your workout routine. Multiple studies have shown that people who consume protein that contains these specific amino acids following weight bearing activities consistently achieve better results in gaining muscle mass, reducing body fat, and losing weight.

Supplementing with flavored whey protein isolate with amino acids, such as those offered by FlexFitPro, can help you meet your goals faster than diet and exercise alone.

What’s your favorite flavor?

What’s better than seeing gains in lean body mass, losses on the scale, and a more toned physique? How about getting to drink a delicious FlexFitPro shake after exercising? Some people crave the chocolate which is wonderful when mixed with fruit or peanut butter and a banana. Others can’t go without the angel food cake flavor. Add in fresh strawberries and a little milk, and it tastes like you’re eating angel food cake topped with sliced berries and cream.

No matter what your preference, you know that you’re getting the essential amino acids that work to repair any muscle damage that occurred during your workout and build new muscle for a stronger, leaner body. One more added bonus is that you can take advantage of the easy online ordering system and have your tasty, nutritious supplement arrive right at your front door.