Why do we need to eat protein?

Eating protein is a necessary part of creating and maintaining a healthy body. Comprised of a chain of amino acids, it provides the building blocks used to create and repair muscles, bone, blood, cartilage, skin and other tissues. Along with fat and carbohydrates, protein is considered a macronutrient, a substance that we need in relatively large quantities in order to survive. Of the three categories, however, protein is the only element that your body does not store, so it’s vital that you eat enough each day to keep your body running efficiently.

Athletes and body-builders have long known the advantages of a high protein diet. It helps to build and maintain muscle and increase lean body mass. In recent years, the general public has become more aware of the role a high protein diet can play in weight loss as well as improving overall appearance through increasing muscle mass.

Controlling your calories, and other benefits

Looking to cut calories? There are three ways that adding protein to your diet can help. Protein is more filling that fat or carbohydrates, and helps you to feel full longer. Protein is also harder for the body to break down, which means it takes more calories to digest than other macronutrients. Finally, protein results in a greater lean body mass, which in turn increases your resting metabolism. A higher lean body mass means you are burning more calories even when you’re sitting down!

Studies have shown that regularly eating high quality protein, that with at least 10 grams of essential amino acids, can result in less belly fat. And when combined with strength training, it promotes greater muscle growth. Supplementing with protein after a workout is associated with optimum muscle development. The best results are achieved through consuming protein directly following vigorous exercise. Even waiting a few hours will decrease the benefits.

Will any form of protein do?

Research in the field has concluded that dairy proteins, like whey, are superior to plant sources such as pea or soy when it comes to building muscle.

FlexFitPro is made up of whey protein isolate, containing high quality amino acids to aid in the growth of muscle mass as well as recovery following a strength training session. It also helps to preserve lean muscle mass if you’re attempting to lose weight by restricting overall calories. The goal, after all, is to lose fat — not muscle — when you drop the pounds.

Whether you’re interested in building muscle, maintaining a good resting metabolism, toning or weight loss, supplementing with FlexFitPro can help you achieve your goals.

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