Angel food cake nutrition facts

Angel food cake nutrition facts

Do you love dessert? Rest assured there’s actually an evolutionary reason why human beings are driven to search out foods that are high in sugar content. And, eaten in small amounts, sweet treats can be an acceptable part of a balanced diet. The key is to use moderation and choose the healthier options, like fruit or lower calorie desserts, whenever possible.

Angel food cake is a good choice because it is lower in fat than many other desserts. If you look at angel food cake nutrition facts, you’ll notice that it’s fairly low in calories and contains almost zero fat. This is because angel food cake is made with just the whites of the eggs. Since the cholesterol in eggs in found in the yolks, egg whites are extremely low in fat.

If you’re trying to eat a better diet but still struggle with your dessert craving, why not try substituting with a delicious angel food cake flavored protein shake?

Angel food cake flavored whey protein isolate powder facts

You’ve probably heard that most people are eating far too many carbohydrates each day. Many are finding that when they balance out their nutrition by adding more protein and reducing carbs, they’re able to lose weight more easily. Unfortunately, this usually equates to giving up desserts because they are generally high in sugar and carbohydrates.

FlexFitPro offers an excellent way to literally have your cake and eat it too! Our angel food cake flavored protein powder packs a sweet punch, is an excellent source of protein, and is low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat. For a low 116 calories per scoop, you’ll get 27 grams of protein, and less than 1 gram of each carbohydrates and fat.

Shake it up

Trying to improve how you look and feel starts with a healthy lifestyle. That includes regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and achieving a healthy weight. But it doesn’t mean you have to forgo sweets altogether. Healthy dessert alternatives like angel food cake protein shakes can help you satisfy your sweet tooth without giving up on your goals.

For more information about the best protein shakes on the market, peruse the FlexFitPro website. You can even order our yummy angel food cake or chocolate flavored whey protein isolate powder online.