Not all whey protein is the same

Not all whey protein is the same

Standard wisdom tells us that staying in shape, eating a good diet, and maintaining an active lifestyle are the keys to feeling good today and preventing health problems in the future. But, what if you want to go a step further than simply being active? If you’re interested in building endurance and increasing muscle mass, you may want to look into protein supplements.

Part of the natural aging process results in a slow decline in the amount of muscle fiber we carry on our frames. In order to prevent this loss as well as build new muscle, it’s important to make sure you do some form of weight-bearing exercise on a regular basis and get enough protein. Animal proteins are considered perfect proteins for human beings because they contain all of the essential amino acids that both repair and build muscle tissue. Among the animal proteins, the best protein for exercise is whey protein which comes from milk.

Designed for athletes

Offering two delicious choices, chocolate milkshake and angel food cake flavored, FlexFitPro is one of the best protein supplements for athletics. Whether you’re lifting weights or running up stairs, the strain on your muscles causes damage. In order to repair that damage and continue to build new muscle, your body requires the essential amino acids contained in protein.

The best supplement for sports is whey protein, and the purest form is whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate is created when the protein is separated or “isolated” from the rest of the milk. A manufacturing process strains out the lactose, fat and other parts of the milk, leaving behind pure protein.

More protein, less carbs

FlexFitPro is the best whey protein for athletes because a single scoop is virtually fat-free and sugar-free and provides a whopping 27 grams of pure protein isolate. One of the best no-carb products on the market today, it aids in muscle recovery, muscle growth, and fat loss. At just over 100 calories per serving, it’s a delicious way to improve your overall lean body mass.