Does low carb Angel Food Cake even taste good?

Does low carb Angel Food Cake even taste good?

Athletes who are serious about reducing fat, gaining muscle, and optimizing lean body mass understand the significant benefits to be gained from taking pure whey protein after exercise. Whey protein isolate contains the amino acids necessary to repair and rebuild muscle tissue that has been broken down during a workout, and it provides a good source of energy that lasts throughout the day. While milk and other dairy products contain whey protein, they also can be loaded with unwanted calories from fat, sugar, and simple carbohydrates.

The best supplements, like FlexFit Pro, include only high quality whey protein isolate and are extremely low in sugar and fat. The question we hear most often is, given how good it is for your body, does low carb angel food cake taste good? The good news is that it tastes so delicious, you’d never know how healthy it is. Some prefer to simply mix it with milk or water, but there are better options if that is too plain for you.

A google search will show all the creative ways you can mix angel food cake whey protein powder into a supplement or whole meal. One of the best recipes is one that combines angel food cake whey protein powder with oatmeal, egg whites, and water.The result is a great source of low fat protein and fiber. So, the answer to can low carb cake taste good is a resounding yes!

It depends…

That said, not all whey protein powders are created equal. Many supplements don’t taste good or have a chalky texture that makes them unpalatable. In order to promote an increase in lean body mass and weight loss, the product should be the purest form of whey protein isolate without unwanted additives such as chemically-derived sugar substitutes. This is why we recommend that, before you purchase any type of supplement, you take the time to study the list of ingredients. Verify that the product you’re considering contains only pure protein isolate, is a good source of essential amino acids, and is low fat.

FlexFit Pro Angel Food Cake flavored whey protein isolate powder shakes are low in fat, calories, and carbohydrates and tastes so delicious, you’ll think you’re eating dessert.

Guaranteed great flavor

The potential benefits of supplementing with whey protein include increased energy, weight loss, reduction in body fat, and building muscle mass. Still afraid of the taste? FlexFit Pro is so convinced that you’ll love the delicious shakes that we offer free samples. Check out the website to read more about the benefits of adding pure whey protein to your post-workout routine.