Getting into summer shape with whey protein

Getting into summer shape with whey protein

As we enter spring and get even closer to the warm summer months, many people are thinking about getting into summer shape. During the summer it may feel like everyone’s bodies are on display which can produce insecurity in those of us who aren’t as content with how we look. 

Whether you’re trying to fit into a new swimsuit or just want to get your beach body ready, you might be considering losing a few pounds before summer. If that’s the case, consider using whey protein for weight loss. 

Whey protein for weight loss

While you may be familiar with whey protein as a tool to build muscle, that is only the one of its uses. Whey protein can be used as a dietary supplement or a complete meal replacement. When used as a supplement, whey protein is effective for improving muscle growth. However, if you intend to use whey protein for weight loss, it is most effective as a meal or snack replacement. 

For dietary replacements, whey protein can be mixed into a smoothie or combined with milk and water. If you’re not looking for a full meal replacement, you may want to consider having a whey protein drink before going out to eat to prevent overeating. This can be particularly helpful if you anticipate being tempted by unhealthy food options. [1]

Don’t Forget About Exercise!

Although losing weight with whey protein is possible, exercise is an important component of any healthy lifestyle. Getting in shape for summer will not only help you drop a few extra pounds, but will give your summer body the tone it needs before you show it off to the world. 

Combining a regular exercise routine with whey protein will help you slim down in preparation of beach season. At FlexFitPro, we offer whey protein supplements with appetizing flavors that can be mixed into protein shakes that aren’t chalky or gritty. Our whey protein isolate is clean, low calorie, and has no added sugar. If you’re looking for a quick, clean weight loss regimen, we recommend starting by incorporating whey protein into your diet. 

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