You can get more benefit from the same workout

You can get more benefit from the same workout

Getting into a regular routine of exercising is great, but, if you’re repeating the same workout all the time, you’re probably not getting all of the benefits from exercising that you could be. The good news is that you can get more benefit from the same workout by tweaking some things in your exercise routine.

First, you should keep a record of your workout – the amount of time spent exercising, the amount of weight you lifted, how many reps you did of each type of exercise. To get more benefits from your workout, you need to progressively increase the difficulty. This is referred to as the “principle of progressive overload”. In other words, one week you may do 3 sets of 10-12 reps of bicep curls using an 8lb weight. The next week you increase the amount of weight to 10lbs, but work back up to doing 10-12 reps per set.

By increasing the difficulty of the exercises or the number of reps, you’re increasing the amount of resistance that you’re putting on your muscles which results in increased muscle strength and power.

Even after you seem to have maxed out

The best exercise workout is one that you will do on a consistent basis. But, If it seems that you aren’t getting any stronger or making progress towards your fitness goals, then you’ve probably reached a plateau with your workout.

Making small changes to your routine can help to increase your metabolic rate and will make weight loss much easier. More resistance means that your muscles have to work harder, and this leads to more muscle growth. By doing a little more at each workout, you will continue to see improvement.

Making good nutritional choices is another way for you to get more benefit from the same workout. Eating protein before your workout can help to increase muscle protein synthesis which can lead to increased muscle growth and enhanced workout recovery.

Work smarter AND harder

FlexFit Pro whey protein isolate by Vibrant Nutraceuticals provides a high amount of lean protein that can help increase workout effectiveness and increase recovery time. The delicious chocolate milkshake flavored whey protein powder can be mixed with water or into shakes to make it easy for you to get the benefits of consuming protein before your workout.

Whey protein isolate has a higher protein content than other forms of whey protein powders and is lower in fat and lactose. One serving provides your with 27 grams of protein along with 8 essential amino acids.

If you’re looking to optimize your workout, do a little more at each workout and consider adding FlexFit Pro beforehand to help build and repair muscle, increase weight loss, and give you that added boost of energy.