Really? Protein powder for dessert?

Really?  Protein powder for dessert?

Protein, carbohydrates, and fats are all macronutrients that your body requires in relatively large amounts for growth, development, and repair. Proteins are essential for the repair and regeneration of cells and tissues, for muscle growth, to maintain a healthy immune system, to manufacture hormones, to help repair your nails and hair, and to provide energy.

The basic protein sources found in a majority of diets are meats, beans, eggs, nuts, and dairy products. However, many people aren’t getting enough of the RDA of protein in their daily diet. Protein powder is easily accessible and can be a source of this essential macronutrient.

When people think of protein powders, they often think of them as bland or chalky tasting, metallic tasting from artificial sweeteners, or hard to mix. But, FlexFitPro whey protein isolate powder provides a high amount of lean protein with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. 

And, as an added bonus, FlexFitPro’s best tasting protein powder comes in two delicious, easy-to-mix flavors, angel food cake and chocolate milk shake.  So, protein powder shakes for dessert are not only good for you, but are a healthy way to satisfy that sweet tooth.

When it tastes this good….

You’ve probably seen protein rich desserts at your local grocery store or health food market. But, if you’ve tried them, you might have found that they still have a chalky or bitter aftertaste, are so sticky that they coat your tongue and teeth with a film, or are so dry it’s like eating cardboard! 

Why settle for bad tasting protein rich desserts like dry, chalky brownies or high protein ice creams that are either overly sweet, not creamy enough, or have a bad aftertaste? Try protein shakes instead.  Mix FlexFitPro powders into delicious tasting shakes, and add some of your favorite ingredients to take them to the next level, such as peanut butter, a banana, or strawberries.

It’s your decision

If you’re looking for a healthy dessert that can satisfy your craving for something sweet, but that can also provide lean proteins without the additional carbs and fats, protein shakes made from FlexFitPro whey protein isolate powder should be at the top of your list. 

Satisfy those dessert cravings with protein shakes that taste like angel food cake while promoting muscle growth, fat burning, and increased energy. One scoop contains 27 grams of protein with less than 1 gram each of fat and carbohydrates and only 116 calories. So, now you can have a guilt-free dessert that not only tastes delicious, but that’s good for you as well.