Just started a workout routine and now you want to try protein shakes…

Just started a workout routine and now you want to try protein shakes…

Are you new to working out or looking to shake up your tired, old exercise routine? Maybe this year’s resolutions included taking up exercise with the aim of building muscle to get that toned look you want. Or perhaps your focus is mainly on losing weight. Either way, all of these goals actually have one thing in common. Your chances of achieving them increase greatly when you pay as much attention to your diet as you do to your workout habits.

Eating healthy is important for many reasons, including the ability to meet fitness goals. When you complete a hard workout, your body is depleted. Of course you’ve burned calories during exercise, but you’ve also put a lot of stress on your muscles. After exercise, your body undergoes the process of repairing and rebuilding the damaged muscle tissue. But your body needs a form of protein that contains nine amino acids to be able to successfully complete this process. Whey protein contains all of those essential amino acids.

Here’s what you need to know

Whether you’re starting a new workout routine or improving on what you’ve been doing, whey protein isolate can help you move toward your goals of building muscle and losing weight more quickly. Additional benefits of whey protein isolate is the feeling of fullness is gives you despite being relatively low in calories and the ability to help achieve a balanced energy level throughout the day.

Let’s review: to improve overall muscle tone and mass, you need to stress those muscles during exercise and get enough protein to repair and rebuild them. There is one more detail to consider.

Enzymes in the human body are necessary for breaking down and absorbing the nutrients from the food we eat. In the case of protein, the digestive enzymes, proteases and peptidases, perform the role of breaking protein into amino acids for proper absorption. You can get digestive enzymes from specific foods as well as supplements.

Getting started

One cautionary note: not all protein shakes are made from pure whey protein isolate. This is important because some workout supplements contain more fats, carbohydrates, and calories than others. Make sure to read the label.

High quality products, like FlexFitPro whey protein powder, will be lower in overall calories, high in pure protein, and contain little fat and carbohydrates. And, an added bonus is that FlexFitPro also includes an enzyme blend to aid in the breakdown and absorption of protein.