Get a smooth protein shake from powder supplements

Get a smooth protein shake from powder supplements

Protein shakes have plenty of benefits. They are full of nutrition, a convenient on-the-go kind of meal and can be quite satisfying. However, if you frequently go for a protein shake, you’ve probably discovered that they can often have an unappealing, gritty texture, full of clumps or chunks.

Gritty protein shakes are the worst, but there are ways to combat the problem. Even if the protein powder you buy advertises as “no grit”, you may be unintentionally causing clumps by storing it in the wrong place in your cupboard. Full of protein and fat molecules, protein powders naturally attract and absorb moisture so the first step to get a smooth protein shake is to store your powder in a cool, dry place.

The tips you need

Along with storing your whey protein powder in a smart place, you should also consider these tips for keeping your protein shakes smooth and tasty:

  • Use the right tools. You can’t go wrong getting a high-quality blender that will perfectly blend your whey powder every time. Even a shaker bottle will do a good job of dissolving protein powder into a smooth shake.
  • Powder always goes on top. If you are using a shaker bottle, add half of your liquid to the shaker bottle and pour the whey protein powder on top of the liquid. Shake until smooth. Afterwards, add the rest of the liquid and shake enough to incorporate the ingredients into a smooth consistency.
  • A little ice goes a long way. Shaker bottles should have a plastic or metal “blender ball” to help beat the powder into a shake. However, if you still find some stubborn clumps, add ice to help blend the shake even more.

Better shakes = more productivity

Better tasting shakes are a game changer since they encourage better productivity by giving you the nutrition your body craves while being appetizing at the same time.

That’s why Flex Fit Pro developed whey protein isolate that wasn’t just nutritious, but delicious, too. Available in Angel Food Cake and Chocolate Milk flavors, Flex Fit Pro’s protein powder is guaranteed to keep you fully energized when you are on the go.

Whether you take your shakes as a protein boost or as a meal substitute, Flex Fit Pro is dedicated to helping you meet your health goals. Try the best tasting whey protein powder from Flex Fit Pro today.