How to start working out every day

How to start working out every day

Has it been a goal of yours to start working out daily? The U.S. Health and Human Services Department states that adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. Even if you haven’t heard about that specific requirement, you already know that regular exercise is essential to both mental and physical health. However, for even the most well-meaning of us, trying to get in shape can be a constant struggle. 

There is some evidence that daily exercise can actually be a more successful strategy than exercising  3-4 days per week. This is because adopting a new habit requires consistency, and the conventional wisdom is that it takes around 30 days for it to “catch on”. One potential pitfall would be if you went too hard too fast. If you’re starting from zero, for example, don’t run for 45 minutes right out of the gate. Walking for 15-20 a day in the beginning can help you achieve the goal of working out every day without burning out. 

Start your regimen

Start by picking a time of day you’re most likely to follow through, and then shoot for the same time every day. Soon enough, it’ll  simply feel like a part of your routine, particularly if you don’t skip a day for at least the first month. And make sure you slowly work up to your potential by adding small increments of extra time and effort each week. 

One of the critical keys to success with adopting an exercise habit is that you must have fun with it. No one is going to keep coming back to something they hate doing, day in and day out. Instead, try switching up activities. You can even do something different every day of the week to keep things interesting, such as yoga, running, and bike riding. What you choose to do is not as important as the commitment to work out daily. 

See the results

A common source of discouragement is if you feel like you’re trying your best and still not seeing any results. This can mean that you’ve hit a plateau and need to step it up a bit. If you’re doing all aerobic based activities, some better workouts might be weight training sessions at the gym to help improve muscle tone. And speaking of building muscle, adding whey protein supplements to your routine can help. 

Whey protein isolate contains all the essential building blocks needed for muscle. Taken after exercise, whey gives your muscles the nutrients they need to repair any damage and build new muscle mass. FlexFitPro makes delicious protein shakes with no chalk flavor and that taste more like a treat than a nutritional supplement. Low in fat and carbohydrates, our shakes provide steady energy to carry you through the day ahead.