What time of day should you drink your protein shake?

What time of day should you drink your protein shake?

Everyone needs a certain amount of protein in their diets to sustain critical body processes and maintain good health. Protein plays many vital roles. It contains the amino acids necessary to repair and rebuild muscle tissue, contributes to energy level, and even aids in weight loss. Adding a pure whey protein isolate shake into your daily diet is a good way ensure you get an adequate amount of this vital nutrient, but you may be wondering what is the best time of day to have your protein shake.

The most effective time of day to drink your protein shake is not set in stone. It’s really more about what seems to work best for you. You can use it as a good afternoon pick-me-up to give you the energy you need to get through the day or even in place of a meal if you’re watching calories.

When to have your shake depends on your activity schedule and personal preferences. Studies have shown benefits to taking protein both before and after exercise. If you work out in the morning, and prefer to do so on an empty stomach, you may want to have a protein shake in place of breakfast directly afterward. Having a high protein breakfast has been shown to curb appetite and cravings throughout the day.

Plan around your workout schedule

Many people like to schedule their consumption of protein supplement around their exercise routine. Taking in protein before your workout has the benefit of providing the fuel your body needs to work hard. On the flip side, having a whey protein shake after your workout aids in helping your muscles to recover. In addition some studies have shown that supplementing within thirty minutes of hard exercise actually increases the muscle growth that takes place after recovery.

Regardless of your particular preference in terms of timing, supplementing your daily intake of protein with a whey protein isolate shake can help control hunger, improve energy, and combat fatigue throughout the day.

Don’t forget about off days

Rather than focusing on the best time of day for you to drink a protein shake, the main goal is to develop a routine and be consistent. Daily protein shakes can provide a beneficial supplement to a healthy diet all week long, even on rest days.

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