Don’t Wait for January

Don’t Wait for January

We all need to make time for new beginnings. Whether that’s changing your diet, ditching a bad habit, or working out, we all resolve to make big lifestyle changes every so often. Many people save their resolutions for January 1. New Years Day feels like a fresh start, a second chance, blah blah blah. 

In actuality, New Years is one of the worst times to start working on your health and fitness goals. If you have the motivation to begin a new exercise regimen, starting today is the best way to go. Don’t put it off until January when your excitement and desire for change has dwindled into resigned obligation. Instead, start your fitness journey while the impulse is fresh. 

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Why January 1st is Actually the Worst Day to Start a New Routine

Every year, eighty percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions fail to keep them. Part of the reason is because when we wait until January to make changes in our lives, we are effectively procrastinating on our goals. This just allows us to sink deeper into our current routine until we’ve lost the motivation we once had.

Many of us feel pressured by family and friends to make resolutions, which can make the resolutions we do make feel hollow and impersonal. But imagine how good it will feel to be a few months into your new fitness routine when your peers are just getting started with theirs? Starting today will give you a head start and send you into the New Year feeling better than before. Losing weight or getting in shape won’t be any easier after New Years Eve than it was before, so why wait? Don’t wait for January, you can make a resolution at any time in the year.

On Your Mark, Get Set… Go!

Self improvement is beneficial no matter what month it is. Instead of waiting for January to ramp up your workout routine and drop those extra pounds, get started when the mood strikes. It will make you more likely to stay motivated and actually make progress towards your goals. 

Goals are easier to work towards when they’re specific and manageable. Not quite ready to commit to that strenuous exercise class or fad diet? Start to improve your diet with protein shakes before you move onto the more drastic methods. For more information about how long it takes for whey protein shakes to work, check out our tips for incorporating them into your diet.