Is whey protein keeping you up at night?

Is whey protein keeping you up at night?

Whey protein is a staple for people trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whey protein is a protein supplement with a high absorption rate and digestibility, making it one of the most popular protein supplements. There are many benefits of whey protein, whether you’re interested in building muscle, losing weight, or just keeping up a nutritionally balanced diet. 

If you’ve recently started to incorporate exercise and whey protein isolate into your routine, you may have noticed yourself having some problems sleeping. Many people wonder if there is a connection between whey protein and insomnia. However, protein itself is not the problem. Studies have shown that a high protein intake can actually improve sleep quality. If you’ve been struggling with sleeplessness, the cause for insomnia may surprise you. 

Lifestyle Changes

If you recently started drinking whey protein, it’s likely you’ve also been working out more. Whey protein is a valuable addition to any exercise regimen and is useful for anyone hoping to build more muscle. If that is the case, your tiredness may be a result of the exercise itself rather than the whey protein. 

While drinking too much whey protein at night can bloat your stomach and keep you awake, exercising before going to bed could actually be the reason you’re sleeping less. A good workout will boost adrenaline levels, body temperature, and heart rate, which can all lead to sleeplessness.

Overtraining is especially dangerous for your quality of rest as well as muscle growth and immune system strength. If you find yourself lacking energy during the day after a late night workout, the problem may be with your exercise schedule. 

Fixing the Problem

Fortunately, you don’t have to eliminate whey protein from your diet or stop exercising to resolve your sleeplessness. Simply changing your exercise schedule and reducing the amount you work out can help you improve the quality and amount of sleep you’re getting. Furthermore, drinking whey protein before you work out will prevent you from feeling as full and bloated when bedtime comes around. For more information, consult our guide to drinking whey protein on an empty stomach

Sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy mind and body, especially if you exercise regularly. During the sleep cycle your body is burning calories and rebuilding your muscles stronger than before. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you may actually lose muscle mass during the night.

Don’t let your workout interfere with your ability to sleep. There are plenty of simple solutions to ensure that your body is able to rest and recuperate to the best of its ability.