Is it okay to drink whey protein shakes on an empty stomach?

Is it okay to drink whey protein shakes on an empty stomach?

As a matter of personal choice, many people prefer to drink whey protein shakes on an empty stomach. Good quality whey protein supplements are quite low in calories and some brands, like FlexFitPro, also contain very little sugar, fat, and carbohydrates. The result is a very low calorie meal that actually fills you up and helps you feel full longer than a carbohydrate and sugar-heavy one like cereal. Substituting breakfast with a delicious FlexFitPro whey protein shake means you get all the energy you need without the extra calories.

Another of the benefits of taking whey protein on an empty stomach is that it is a form of liquid nutrition which is easily digested and absorbed. Having a protein shake before you perform a workout can give you a good source of energy without the discomfort of an overfull or bloated stomach. In addition, some people use whey protein supplements prior to meals to take the edge off of their hunger and help them to consume less. Recent studies indicate that this can be an effective tool in a weight loss program.

The first meal of the day

Whether you prefer drinking whey protein shakes on an empty stomach or having them in addition to a light breakfast, they can help you to feel full throughout the day. FlexFitPro shakes contain a whopping 27 grams of protein in a single serving which provides long-lasting energy without added sugar and fat. Additionally, if you drink one before you work out, you’re giving your body the essential amino acids it needs to help repair and rebuild muscle fibers that get damaged or stressed during heavy exercise.

Finding the right schedule for you

When determining when to drink your protein shake, there are a number of things to take into consideration. Are you working on building lean muscle mass? If so, the recommendation is to use whey protein shakes as a recovery meal. Taken within 20 minutes after a strenuous weight workout, whey protein supplements appear to increase the rate at which you’re able to lose fat and gain muscle.

If you’re someone with a very busy lifestyle, whey protein shakes make a great on-the-go, hearty snack. You can throw one into a travel mug and drink it while you drive the kids to school. The good, steady energy that whey protein provides will help you transition smoothly to work or whatever comes next. Compared to a cup of coffee and a doughnut, it’s a much better way to start the day. And, you won’t find yourself crashing from the caffeine and sugar an hour later!

Whey protein has so many advantages that is almost doesn’t matter when you drink your protein shake. Read more about this super food on the FlexFitPro site, and start enjoying the benefits today.